Friday, July 22, 2016

Wind of change

Hello sweeties,
I'M BAAAACK ! 😄😄 - I'm always so excited and happy when post twice a day. It's like a thrill to show you more outfits, more fashionable things, styling tips and so on... Speaking of fashionable things, I'm so in love with this beautiful dress from Zaful that is elegant and cute for daytime wear... 
I'm all pampered up and have also a video for you! So, I invite you to check out everything below and leave an honest opinion on the matter ^^

What I wore:
- Zara sandals and bag

Thank you so much for checking out again the blog and while editing my post, I found out about the terrible terrorist attack in Munich... what else can I say? My prayers are for the families and friends who lost their loved ones... May God rest their souls..


Good morning beauties,
Hope you're eager to start the weekend! I'll be mostly working, but I have an awesome week comin' so it's ok, I have the determination to get it through.
Anyway, I'm back with a new awesome look that I know you'll totally love - not long ago I got this beautiful two-piece from Zaful. I totally love the print, the design and not to mention the fact that you can style it in so many ways. A total catch for the price ! I gone a bit wild Texas, to say so, and styled it with a cropped leather jacket that I have since like forever and this awesome hat I got on Sale. I'm also wearing my totally cool gladiator sandals from Schutz ( available at Shopbop) and a lovely bracelet that matches perfectly the porcelain print from the two piece,that comes also from Zaful.
The bag is from Sacha and you probably saw me wear it in other looks as well. I think it's the IT go-to bag that really matches almost everything :).
So, I hope you'll enjoy my little YouTube video and the pics:

What I wore:
- Cool Cat cropped jacket
- Mango hat

Really hope you like the look, guys!
I'll be back maybe this evening with more !


Thursday, July 21, 2016


Hey guys,
Hope your day is going well ! Actually the 21st of July is Belgium's national day, so everybody has a day off and they're out celebrating. I went out for a little bit, but just to pick up my boyfriend's cake ! Yes, he's celebrating both his bday and Belgium's day hahahaha 😆
But anyway, I'm here on a more fashionable matter. I would totally love to share with you this super cute look that I managed to put together. So, I'm wearing my light blue dress with white lace insertions from JollyChic that I find so pretty for both a wedding reception and for daily wear. Oh, and you can use "lovechic1" when checking out to have 20% off the entire website ;) 
To add a more fashionista's touch to the whole look, I've added these fantasy pearls that I have from VIKI LYNN. Fantasy pearls have always been a dear "friend" of mine while styling my looks. They're so easy to add with almost every outfit and plus, at their shop, they're super affordable. Also, using this code, LOK3YTVE , you'll have 10% off at their boutique 😘 - yes, I'm rather giving today 😇
Here you have the look, guys! Enjoy ☺️

What I'm wearing:
- TwinSet shoes

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Bal National

Hi guys,
What a hot summer we're having! - I can't believe I just said that actually being in Belgium LOL :)
Anyway, I know must of you are enjoying vacations around the world. Me? I prefer to take myself somewhere warm during Fall/Winter when it's super cold here. Until then, Europe, I'm yours! 
I'm actually going away next week, but just for a couple of days. Because it's my boyfriend's birthday tomorrow, I thought I'd give him a proper present. He is, after all, a part of the blog as well, so you should thank him for the great pics you have every day hahaha 😄!
Speaking of pictures, I have another outfit that I would like to share with you today. Since it's the National Bal day here in Belgium, my outfit suits the occasion, thus wearing my beautiful long pink dress from AmiClubWear  ! 

What I wore:
- River Island clutch

Thank you for checking out the blog, guys! <3
Stay tuned tomorrow morning for a new outfit post !

Have a lovely evening ^^



Hello sweeties,
Hope your week is going well. Here in Brussels,astonishingly, the temperatures are way too high. Like the air isn't breathable... Hey , I like the heat like any other Scorpio, but still, this is a bit much for this city! :)
Anyway, what better opportunity to wear a shirt dress, right? Mine is from Poppy Lovers and believe me, it's a perfect breathable summer dress hahaha. It always looks good to have a shoulder bag with you, so you can definitely check out these awesome shoulder bags
Evil never looked so good, right? Hahahaha - my new iphone case from Gocase is pretty awesome 😚🤑
So, I'll let you check out my look and hopefully I'll be back tonight with another one 😇

What I wore:
- Zara shoulder bag 
- Karen Millen sandals 

Thank you so much for checking out the new look, guys! 
Hope to "see" you tonight :)